5 Reasons Why Dubai Is Dubbed The Manhattan Of The Middle East

Dubai which is regularly touted as the playground of the rich, has earned another name for itself. In this clamoring city you will locate an awesome blend of trade, fashion and culture and obviously an amazing skyline, spotted with huge numbers of high rises, along these lines winning it the name “Manhattan of the Middle East”. Dubai has developed quickly and how! Here is a speedy take a gander at the significant reasons why Dubai has been named so!

1. The Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers

The noteworthy towers on the Dubai Marina resemble jewels in theskyline! This sensational skyline houses residential blocks and extravagance apartments and has a few eateries and shopping stores to take into account the chic explorers and residents! An all encompassing perspective of the Dubai Marina will swindle you into reconsidering in the event that it is Manhattan or Dubai!


2. The view of Dubai from the coast

The best perspective of the Dubai skyline is obviously, from over the coast with the sparkling uber-chic structures formed in modern architecture! It looks each piece like Manhattan initially!
Absorb the greatness of Dubai’s skyline on a customary dhow cruise.


3. Luxury apartments in Dubai Marina

Like Manhattan, land in Dubai is a hotbed at the present time. With land costs taking off through the rooftop, as of late a 12,000 square foot flat was available to be purchased for around $15 million! These extravagance apartments come outfitted with cutting edge offices, including pools and fancy attendant services!


4. Abundance of restaurants and bars to keep the party going!

Try not to think Dubai is a long ways behind in the worldwide party scene! With overflowing riches and cash to go overboard, Dubai houses probably the most extravagant and upmarket eateries that have made a sprinkle over the world! In the event that you have the cash to overdo it you can visit a fancy restaurant that offers an awesome perspective of the Manhattan skyline! New York!
Appreciate a sumptuous meal at Burj Al Arab.


5. Shopping!

With regards to shopping, Dubai is a whole new world holding up to be investigated! With the sparkling shopping centers and extravagance brands, Dubai is nowhere behind on the style radar than New York is! So put on your “shopping shoes” and shop away!

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