6 Tips For Exploring Dubai Within Rs 24,999!

Traveling to Dubai can be an expensive thing. No doubt that the sparkling luxury hotels and hoard of expensive malls tell a different story. However, with a bit of research and your willingness to drop the luxuries, you surely can enjoy Dubai on a budget of Rs 24,999!

1. Book your tickets well in advance

Often the most expensive part of visiting foreign destinations is traveling. In the event that you are intending to visit Dubai on a budget, you should keep an eye for the best airfares. Book your tickets early with the goal that you get less expensive arrangements. On the off chance that you book 2-3 months ahead of time, you can fly less expensive, with tickets costing generally Rs 16,000 for an arrival flight to and from Dubai.

2. Accommodation at Budget Deals

For budget facilities in Dubai, you can search for lodgings in and around Al Barsha, which will cost you roughly Rs 5,500 of every a day. Then again you can rent out apartments if going in a group which is a cheaper option. Deira is the place to be as it offers cheaper rooms at Rs 3,000 per day or considerably less expensive.

3. Travel in public vehicles

Ditch the taxi and experience the local public transport system in Dubai. While this will help you savor Dubai better, it will be easy on your pocket as well. You can buy a Nol card for traveling by metro and top it up as you go. What’s more is that you can even avail free Wi-Fi if you are traveling Gold Class in Dubai metro!
You can also rent out bikes to explore the city. The streets of Dubai are lined with several cafes and restaurants which are a gastronomic delight! You can cycle your way through to observe the nightlife of Dubai and explore the Dubai landmarks.

4. Spoil yourself to some souk searching!

While Dubai shopping centers are extravagant on a uber rich scale, you will discover intriguing purchases at the local souk shops and markets. Drop in at Al Fahidi Street for bargains on electronic products or visit the Bur Dubai Souk for purchase of fabrics all over Asia. You will likewise discover stores offering adornments, sarees, pashminas and shawls too.

5. Enjoy the Dubai beaches

The Dubai coastline is spotted with some pleasant shorelines, the greater part of which are private shorelines involved by resorts. In any case, shorelines like the Jumeirah Beach are open in the general population, and you can appreciate a perspective of the Persian Gulf or even spot the Burj Khalifa.

6. Savor food from budget eateries

As Dubai is a blend of different cultures and impacts, you will be astounded to see the wide array of food choices in the avenues. The most regular impacts on food are Indian and Pakistani among Middle Eastern flavors. So enjoy budget-friendly food, which is no less delectable! So you can safely assume that you can keep a budget of Rs 1000 each day.

7. Staying within your budget

As per your budget planning of your costs, a two-night excursion to Dubai will cost you Rs 6000 for the spending lodging stay, Rs 16,000 for flights, Rs 700 for local transport and Rs 2000 for meals . In this manner, you will have the capacity to take care of your fundamental expenses inside Rs 24,999! So enjoy fun at Dubai without without bulking your pocket .

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