Planning To Go Singapore Malaysia Thailand In One Go

Do you have vacation plans? Read this article to learn more about Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, which is a great place for vacation.

Every time you think about a good vacation, you’ll probably find a place like Singapore Malaysia and Thailand, do not you? Most travelers from all over the world discover these wonderful places when they have to spend their holidays in the Asia-Pacific region. Like any other destination, this part of the world has its uniqueness and charm. The 7 Nights Singapore Thailand Tour Package is exactly what you need for a perfect holiday.

Why is it worth visiting this part of the world?

This region is rich in culture and has a truly Asian climate. From all people, through their food and way of life to places to discover, all this is worth the experience. Also with a list of attractions that has to offer, makes it an ideal place for all kinds of holidays. Regardless of whether you visit alone, with friends or family, everyone will find something for themselves. Also Singapore Thailand Tour Package is very affordable, which makes it very easy and convenient to visit three amazing places during one trip.

What is the overview of these places?


Best Places in Singapore


Singapore, a city-state in the south of Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and a multicultural population. Its colonial center focuses on Padang, a cricket field from the 1930s, and is now surrounded by magnificent buildings, such as the town hall, with 18 Corinthian columns. In the Chinese Chinatown in Singapore around 1820, there is a red-gold temple of the Buddha’s Tooth Relic that is supposed to hold one of Buddha’s teeth.

Singapore is a beautiful country and is one of the best places you have ever seen. It is the epitome of modern futuristic modernization of the next generation. At the same time, it ensures the required atmosphere of the old city. Because of its uniqueness, Singapore is an experience that cannot be missed and therefore you should look at Singapore Thailand Tour Package.

Places worth visiting in Singapore:

Singapore Zoo 

Zoo in Singapore Tour Package


You cannot eat breakfast with orangutans every day. But at Singapore Zoo, you have a chance to do it and much more! Known for its rare collection of animals, it is popular with children and adults.

With 1.6 million visitors a year, the zoo in Singapore can boast of its free environment, where animals roam freely in their natural surroundings. Cages are almost non-existent, because animals can live almost as much as in their natural environment.

For photographers it is a delight, because they can shoot at their hearts, without frames or wire frames that block their view.

Merlion Park in Singapore

When you are near the Merlion and One Fullerton parks, it’s hard to miss the symbolic symbol, considered to be Singapore’s pride. The big statue of Merlion, standing at a height of 28 feet, has the head of a lion and the body of a fish and depicts the modest origin of the city as a fishing village. From here you can admire the breathtaking views of the Marina bay.

Singapore Flyer in Singapore

Jump onto the world’s largest observation wheel and admire breathtaking 360 ° views, observing iconic and historical landmarks along the Singapore River. Before boarding, choose Journey of Dreams and enjoy an interesting multimedia presentation that will help you understand the history of Singapore and the stories associated with the Singapore Flyer. Nothing is more romantic than to admire the wonderful views of the city from the observation wheel. Immerse yourself in a romantic, four-course meal in the open air, which accompanies the personal butler.

Singapore Flyer

Other long list places include Marina Bay Sands, Botanical Garden, Singapore Zoo, Small India and many more.


Malaysia Tour Package


Malaysia is very similar to Singapore. A contemporary, well-developed place, Malaysia has approximately everything you need for a great holiday. From beautiful rainforests to eye-catching skyscrapers, discovering Malaysia is satisfying.

Places worth visiting in Malaysia:

Places in Malaysia


The state bordering Thailand is often in the shadow of a popular neighbor. However, Kedah has its charm. More and more residents are now running traditional Malay-style guesthouses that are surrounded by vast rice fields, so if you want to have a rustic, authentic Malaysian experience, Kedah is worth staying one night or two before heading to Langkawi. Maximize your short time here, asking friendly locals, where there are the best places to eat, and check out one of the finest and oldest mosques in Malaysia, the Zahir Mosque.

George Town


George Town


George Town is a gourmet paradise. The amount and variety of good food is almost overwhelming, so here are some things that you must necessarily:

Char Kuey Teow – these noodles with golden stir fry are combined with juicy shrimps, bean sprouts, eggs and greens. The best of this roadside booth located at the corner of Siam Road and Anson Road. Expect long queues, mainly from residents – which is always a good sign!

Laksa – Another dish with noodles, but with a broth that is sour, spicy and slightly sweet at the same time. Many people would go to the popular stand next to Kek Lok Si, but the local favorite is Laksa Bisu, located in Annex Market.

Rojak – Basically a salad, but with crackers, fruit, nuts and catch it: a thick sauce of shrimp paste, chili and a lot of sugar.

Cendol – a local favorite dessert, cendol is a modest bowl with shaved ice cream, kidney beans, condensed milk and flavored flour pasta. This may sound strange, but it is perfect on a hot, hot day, although the best in the back alley of Lebuh Keng Kwee required you to stand under the scorching sun, while enjoying it.

Royal Belum State Park, Perak

Many visitors to Malaysia have heard of Taman Negara, the most popular national park on the peninsula. It is extensive and full of various flora and fauna, and a great place for adventurous people. However, for something that is off the beaten track, check out Royal Belum State Park located in Perak, just below George Town. It offers distant areas with an area of approximately 117,500 hectares, and getting there can be a challenge, but it is worth making every effort.

Royal Belum State Park


I hope this article contains ideas that help you planning to Go Singapore Malaysia Thailand in one Go, a beautiful country with interesting cultures, amazing food, wonderful islands, and beautiful mountains. You can get Best of Asia Tour Package at TravelTitli.

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